Who We Are

Live Streaming Jamaica was created with the goal of making wedding, funeral and event live-streaming simple, affordable and fun! Our team combines many years of broadcast, photography, videography, drone and technology experience with the latest professional streaming technology to ensure reliable and high-quality broadcasting from just about anywhere on the island. Since our launch in 2018, we have been honored to serve couples, families and companies in Jamaica with our unique approach to live video streaming.

A big part of the reason we have experienced so much success is our commitment to investing in knowledgeable crew, the best equipment and infrastructure. In many ways, we operate as a miniaturized television news studio. Every event we stream has a director, camera operator, as well as a dedicated online tech-support representative. We utilize our own high-speed network with 4G capability in addition to the venue’s internet to insure the best connectivity. In fact, our system is designed to operate on battery power, allowing streaming from locations that would otherwise be inaccessible. For example, we can go live, in full HD quality, from inside an old church or building, outdoors on the beach, and most any remote location on the island! Our streaming system can even incorporate aerial drone live video and our new Unmanned Camera Vehicle with Artificial Intelligence Human Tracking captures what other cameras and operators can miss. We offer a complete solution, without compromises, and pledge to do whatever it takes to make sure your online audience has the best viewing experience possible.

We’d love to take some time to explain our services in greater detail and answer any questions you have. Be sure to contact us today for a quick consultation.

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Veronica & Shaun