Live Stream – Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire Live Streaming Jamaica?

Live Streaming Jamaica is the leading live stream experts on the island.  Our years of experience in technology and videography combined with professional equipment makes Live Streaming Jamaica the right choice for live streaming your event.

Live Streaming Jamaica

Can’t I live stream myself with a phone or laptop?

Sure; there are plenty of free apps for smartphones and laptops that will provide the ability to live stream.  However, often these apps are branded with a logo or watermark embedded in the stream.  Do you really want your video promoting advertising?  Our professional equipment and live stream crew is like having your own personal production house.  Would you bake your own wedding cake and expect a professional result? (this does not diminish the great job of many home bakers/cooks)

What is required to live stream?

The most important requirements are a good area to setup, electricity and a broadband Internet connection.  Many venues already have Internet for their guests however generally it doesn’t meet the speed/throughput required to obtain a high-definition stream.  We use specially designed 4G hardware that provides the bandwidth required for a high-definition stream when the venue’s Internet doesn’t meet our minimum standards.

How many and what kind of cameras do you use?

Live Streaming Jamaica uses state-of-the-art 4K/HD cameras.  The number of cameras depends on the package selected however even with 1 camera we can utilize multiple views.  Our system allows us to create virtual inputs from a single camera to offer multiple views.  Our cameras incorporate remote & manual Pan-Tilt-Zoom to capture all the action from the best angles.  We also use Jib Arm Camera Cranes so that we’re not capturing the back of heads and to get above the audience.

Do you offer aerial drone coverage?

Yes; we offer aerial drone coverage and use state-of-the-art professional drones with 4K/HD cameras to stream directly to our video mixing system to provide views from a unique perspective.

Live Streaming Jamaica

What is an Unmanned Ground Vehicle?

Our UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) is a remotely operated 4K/HD camera mounted on a 4-wheeled platform to capture the excitement of your event from a different perspective.  It’s small & quite so it’s unobtrusive to whatever is happening around it.  It also has Artificial Intelligence to lock on and track the subject.

What is the difference between Interactive Video Calling and Zoom/Skype?

Zoom, Skype and other conferencing systems requires a client (application) be installed on your guests phone or computer.  Our Interactive Video Calling is a browser based peer-to-peer solution that doesn’t require your guests to install anything and works on any device whether it is a phone, desktop, laptop or smart tv.  Research has proven that applications like Zoom or Skype can be hacked and unknowingly obtain personal information of your guests.  It can also contain Malware, Spyware and viruses that can harm your guests’s devices.  These applications also connect to a back-end server that will capture information about the guest’s location and web sites they visit. (You ever wonder how you receive advertising about products & services.  They extracted information from the device and it’s usage.) Our Interactive Video Calling system is whats called peer-to-peer which means it’s a direct connection from your guest(s) to our system with no server in the middle.  It’s easier to use and a much safer solution.  We also have the ability to mute/unmute the caller so there’s no unfortunate background audio.

What about Graphics and Images?

We utilize a full suite of professional graphics and overlays.  The technical terms are “Lower Third” (the graphic with text displayed below a speaker, presenter or video), “Ticker” (text that scrolls across the screen), Social Icons and Graphic Overlay.  We custom design these as needed for your production and can incorporate logos, text or images.

How will I know what the live stream will look like before it’s streamed?

GREAT QUESTION!  We’ll work with you to gather as much information as possible along with your vision of the production.  We’ll create a script specifically designed for your event and with your approval will use that during the live stream.  We of course will impromptu when necessary to produce the best possible results.

How can my guests/audience view the live stream?

We can stream to different platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Website and more either individually or simultaneously to multiple platforms.  Facebook policy prohibits streaming to other platforms if you’re streaming to Facebook.  Our systems have the capability to override that and stream to multiple platforms at the same time.  We also offer a private web page that can be password protected so your live stream doesn’t end up being all over the Internet.  We’ll work with you to determine the best overall solution for your live stream.

Sounds Great! but what if the power goes out at the location/venue?

We’ve got that covered too!  We know from years of experience to expect the unexpected.  Our systems and cameras are equipped with battery back-up that can keep us streaming for up to 2 hours without electricity.  With the use of Power Inverters (a device that converts 12 volts to household current) we can even stream from locations that have no electricity available like the beach or a remote grave site.

What if my event date gets moved or postponed?

We know that life happens and things happen outside of our control.  We’ll work with you to best meet your needs and requirements.  If you have a reserved date we’ll give you priority when selecting a new date/time.

Do you do corporate events or just weddings and funerals?

Live Streaming Jamaica can live stream almost any event whether it is a wedding, funeral, festival, press conference or business meeting from almost any location on the island.  We can even live stream remotely without being on location however for best results it’s best for us to be onsite.

How can I get a quote or book your services?

The first step in booking our services is to obtain a quote.  If you already have our current price list click here to obtain a QUOTE or here to get our latest PRICE LIST and options. (A request for a quote is not a valid agreement. The date & time selected will not be reserved until deposit/payment has been accepted by Live Streaming Jamaica.)

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