• Alia Michele
  • Relative's Funeral

08 October 2023 | I think everyone did an exceptional job. With limited time, you really went above and beyond. You also got everything in order despite not having the access you needed to the church and its equipment at the hour requested. I will highly recommend your team and again, my family and I are grateful for your care, professionalism, your quick responses to any of our questions (no matter how silly) and for doing it all in such a fast turnaround and allowing friends and family to celebrate the life of our loved one wherever they were. There were no complaints from those overseas, so it was all smooth sailing despite any hiccups you may have had. Really thankful for all you did! 

  • Christine
  • Mother's Funeral

18 June 2022 | Virtual viewers said they would have loved to see more of what was happening outside of the podium They wanted to see a bit more of what was happening on the outside. I watched it myself and thought you did a very good job. I will certainly refer you to the funeral home so they send persons your way. 

Thank you for enabling friends and family who could not be there in person to be part of mom's Thanksgiving service. Persons who did not get the link are happy they could watch it after and persons can also re-watch. 

Continue to provide the excellent service and your business will grow. I got your referral from the Bishop. He worked with other persons and when I asked for someone to live stream he thought of you guys. He remembered how professional you were. He did not have a number but he made the calls and made the connections. 

Good job and all the best. 

  • Sara
  • Father's Funeral

05 April 2022 | Your team communicated with me through out the process. They were highly professional and I would definitely use them again.

  • Jheanell
  • Mother's Funeral

18 February 2022 | We the family of the late Beverley Moonah would like to express thanks to you and your live stream team for the way in which you carried out your job. Your professionalism was on point and we are happy we made the decision to allow you to broadcast the thanksgiving service internationally. The feedback we received from the online audience was phenomenal. They were all satisfied with the quality of production. We would not hesitate to work with you in the future. 

  • Keion
  • Mother's Memorial

28 January 2022 | I would like to express my thankfulness and appreciation to the Live Streaming Jamaica Team for the wonderful experience we had that made my mom's memorial special. We received lots of positive feedback from family and friends who were not able to attend in person but joined us virtually.

Thank you for all the hard work that went into live streaming the event. I would definitely recommend your service to others.

  • Trishell
  • Aunt & Uncle's Funeral

07 October 2021 | Live Streaming Jamaica Team, your services were excellent! You were so professional. Our family would like to thank you for making what was a very difficult period so much more bearable. Thank you

  • Una
  • Father's Funeral

26 August 2021 | Simply put – Live Streaming Jamaica is incredible. Not only do they epitomize customer service, they do it in a humble, quiet and professional manner. 

I lost my dad and given all the Covid-19 restrictions, I was had to get the service and interment live-streamed. I was at my wits end as I was not finding anyone. And then I saw them covering a graduation ceremony so seamlessly. I decided to contact them and the rest is history.

Why incredible? Everything was in place for them to cover the funeral and then they couldn’t again due to unforeseen circumstances. I was devastated. Then they offered to create the webpage, upload the obituary and photo album as well as the Guest Book – free of cost! Who does that? They went further! they had the event streamed on the webpage they created, sent me the statistics and the story continues. Was I frustrated during my grieving? Of course I was. Did they help to lessen or soften it? You bet they did! You couldn’t tell they weren’t the ones covering the event. 

Live Streaming Jamaica, you are one in a million. I pray that God will continue to bless your business as you continue to bless others. 

  • Dominic
  • Mother's Funera;

26 August 2021 | During a time like this, Live Streaming Jamaica's services have proved essential. From the initial engagement through to the service delivery, the communication was constant which put us at ease. Their intuitive approach and flexibility went a far way and my family and I express our gratitude to Live Streaming Jamaica.  

  • Myrna
  • Brother's Funeral

4 June 2021 | The service was beautifully streamed and recorded and the customer service was impeccable. You guys were amazing.  I am so glad I decided to work with you. Thank you. If you have an event, do not hesitate to book Live Streaming Jamaica.

  • Suzette
  • Father's Funeral

25 May 2021 | Live Streaming Jamaica is a Company that can be trusted with the care and management of your events and functions. I absolutely enjoyed working with Veronica & Shaun, they are professionals. I would certainly recommend them to anyone live streaming their functions and events. From setup of equipment for on time delivery to clean up and pull down of equipment was properly executed. Customer Service to the max! Thanks again Veronica and Shaun from Live Streaming Jamaica. You are the Best!

  • Pamela
  • Mother's Funeral

7 May 2021 | The team was very professional and customer service was at its best. The team was very supportive always willing to go the extra mile. You did an excellent job and we are truly satisfied. 

  • Eltha
  • Sister's Funeral

28 April 2021 | The Livestream Jamaica team provided services for my sister Pearline Wan's memorial service. The streaming experience was excellent from feedback received but my own personal experience with the team was close to perfection. The team was friendly, thoughtful and efficient and delivered a package of products which met all expectations. I am happy to recommend them to others especially since their services go beyond funerals.

  • Jacqueline
  • Mother's Funeral

09 February 2021 | Extremely professional team. Went above and beyond to accommodate my requests even if they were not a part of the package. Listened to my concerns and worked on having them promptly addressed. Strongly recommend their services.

  • Shelly Ann
  • Grandmother's Funeral

31 January 2021 | Bidding farewell to a loved one has been particularly challenging in this pandemic environment and the myriad of restrictions for hosting the funeral. Engaging the services of Live Streaming Jamaica was the best decision we made so that family and friends overseas were able to watch the event live without feeling as if they are missing out. The level of professionalism and customer service was exemplary. Inquiries were responded to in a timely manner providing clarity and clear direction as best as possible. I would definitely recommend this company again for future events.

  • Patricia
  • Mother's Funeral

30 January 2021 | Live Streaming Jamaica exceeded my expectations. Their professionalism, transparency, effective and informative communication style, and expertise were top notch. Veronica and Shaun were very personable and understanding on the telephone as well as in-person. They helped ease some of the stress which comes with planning a funeral , compounded by the pandemic restrictions. I highly recommend this company. Thanks again for your great service.

  • Donovan
  • Mother's Funeral

30 January 2021 | My first impression of Live Streaming Jamaica, via their web site, was very positive. Their actual production was consistent with their online content. I am beyond blown away with their professionalism, kindness, and thoughtful interactions. I am extremely satisfied with their keen attention to detail and highly recommend this company.

  • Trudy-Ann
  • Grandmother's Funeral

23 January 2021 | Its been a while since I have received such excellent customer service. Doing business with Live Streaming Jamaica was a breath of fresh air. They are highly efficient, excellent communicators and their services are at mastery level. This is top notch service; Veronica and Shaun are absolutely the best. They were on time on the day of the event and they did a wonderful job. Family and friends are impressed! Their services are highly recommended!

  • Donovan
  • Father's Funeral

19 December 2020 | On Behalf of the Wright Family I would love to thank Live Streaming Jamaica for providing the best Celebration possible for my DaD’s Home-Going. Great job of bringing us to the service from afar. I felt like I was there. GodSpeed

  • Dionne
  • Father's Funeral

12 December 2020 | From my first contact with you, you were very professional and very prompt when responding to any queries/requests I had. Nothing was too big or too small. I am in the UK, so, our communication was always via email, WhatsApp voice call, message or voice note. Distance was not an issue, you made everything so easy. Finally, the live stream of my Dad's funeral was fantastic, everyone in the UK, USA, Canada and JA thought so too. Thank you for making a very difficult day a memorable one. Dionne

  • Bryce
  • Uncle's Funeral

08 November 2020 | The work by the team was excellent. Responded well to our needs and exceeded expectations. Good reviews from the online attendees. Highly recommended for all events big and small. Excellent work, Seamless execution.

  • Lorna
  • Mother's Funeral

03 October 2020 | Thank you Live Streaming Jamaica (Veronica and Shaun) for a superb job. Words cannot express how grateful and appreciative of a job so professionally done. Your level of caring and understanding far supersedes my expectations. Highly recommended to all in this dispensation of time to a virtual world. Loosing a love one is never easy but you made the journey so much less painful. Our friends and family greatly appreciate you. Thank You... Thank You... Thank You. God Bless. Lorna

  • Deon
  • Mother's Funeral

27 September 2020 | It was a pleasure to work with the Live Streaming Jamaica team. They went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations. They are patient, understanding and professional. Hiring this company was the best decision that I made to bring my Mothers home going service to everyone near and far in this restricted time. I am very pleased with the service I received and would hire them again if needed in the future. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for this kind of outstanding service.

  • Donovan
  • Mother's Funeral

26 September 2020 | Live Streaming Jamaica (Shaun and Veronica) you Guys did a splendid job. Being overseas and unable to travel we felt as if we were there. My family and I will forever be grateful to you. May God continue to bless you and your family. 5 out of 5 stars¸ all around. Well done. 

  • Arlene
  • Mother's Funeral

23 September 2020 | I used Live Stream Jamaica for my Mother's Home Going. From the moment I spoke to Veronica and Shaun I knew I had the right company. Shaun and Veronica were not only service providers as they provided sincere moral support and empathize with my family and I. Service on site and off site was exemplary. I would use Live Stream Jamaica again and would not hesitate to recommend them.

  • Pamela
  • Father's Internment

05 September 2020 | Thank You for your patience and understanding during such a difficult time as we planned to Celebrate the Life of our Father. Your flexibility and professionalism is to be highly commended. You were always willing to answer all questions and worked to ensure you met the family needs. Your site presentation is beautiful. You did an outstanding job and the feedback from family and friends across the world was great. The mission you do is truly a special one . Keep up the great work.  Thank You

  • Damian
  • Father's Funeral

29 August 2020 | The White family retained the services of Live Streaming Jamaica for our father's funeral service. A week before the scheduled date, the Government changed its policy regarding funerals and we quickly had to make significant changes. Shaun and Veronica were so willing to accommodate our changes and went above and beyond to make a service and viewing possible. 

We will be telling everyone about the excellent and great production by Live Streaming Jamaica. Live Streaming Jamaica was absolutely professional from inquiry stage, production to our final interaction. Due to the Government's COVID-19 restrictions they were willing and able to work with my family to provide an excellent virtual environment for our families and friends to enjoy our Thanksgiving Service for my dad.

My recommendation will be to check if Live Streaming Jamaica is available. They exceeded everything that the competition offered. I will be saying to friends, check Live Streaming Jamaica availability, as the competition will be found incomplete when you compare what they offer to the market.

Our families and friends enjoyed the website platform, where they were able to share tributes and messages. They did an excellent compilation of the images and allow it to tell a story. The video quality was excellent and the picture in picture was A+. 

  • Fabian
  • Our Wedding

02 August 2020 | Mr & Mrs Fabian Bernard would like to thank Live Streaming Jamaica for streaming our wedding live to family and friends all over the world and across Jamaica. Though we were late; live stream did an excellent job in keeping our guests entertained and occupied with high quality visuals. They remained professional throughout. I could not have chosen a better team for the job. Thanks Live Streaming Jamaica!!!!! (Veronica & TEAM).....

  • Kristen
  • Grandmother's Funeral

25 July 2020 | I mentioned this before but I'll say it again. Working with you, Veronica, has been one of the highlights of everything that I've organized during this time. I can't thank you enough for your responsiveness and your empathy. The quality of your customer service was so unexpected and refreshing. You're a rockstar!

Not only was your team setup and ready on time/early, you also assisted with the sound quality during the ceremony which, I realize, was not your job at all. I noticed your team approaching the stage to adjust microphones and visiting the "sound room" to assist with adjustments. Again, I really appreciate you going above and beyond to help with that.

We had a few people in attendance who are into photography/videography and they were so impressed with your equipment! That definitely explains why the quality of your samples were so much better than anything else we saw.

The only "constructive" feedback that I can think of is with reference to the "crowd shots". Our viewers mentioned that they could only ever see a few of the same people throughout the livestream from both crowd shot camera angles. They wish that they could have caught a glimpse of more people or see a wider angle. (LSJ: We agree and have added a 4th camera to our line-up and integrated a Picture-in-Picture Feature that should resolve this for future events.)

Thanks again for all your help and for making this such an easy process! I am already highly recommending your team to anyone who inquires.

  • Kimoy
  • Mother's Funeral

04 July 2020 | Great service, organized and prepared!

  • Ascot Primary
  • Graduation Ceremony

30 June 2020 | Professionalism AAA+ Production Values AAA+ We had a few hiccups but it was mainly due to our lack of preparedness for a live stream broadcast. With better coordinated effort on our part, this would have been truly epic, nonetheless it was still awesome. Thanks once again for your assistance in making Ascot Primary Strive for Excellence

  • Natalya
  • Father's Funeral

27 June 2020 | The experience was delightful and made our sorrows a little easier to deal with. Based on the Covid19 restrictions our family and friends who were unable to be there physically were present virtually and we have had positive feedback on the quality of the live stream. The website was also a nice additive.

  • Jordan
  • Grandfather's Funeral

13 June 2020 | Big respect to Veronica, Shaun, and Andre; the Live Streaming Jamaica Team. They went above and beyond to make sure my Grandfather's funeral live stream went perfectly. Not only do they record, broadcast and add pre-production touches to enhance the look, they created a website where comments, photos, the funeral program and other content could be accessible to everyone with ease. Easy to work with and will customize to fit your vision. Thanks again and will definitely see you for our next event.

  • Clyde
  • Father's Funeral

11 June 2020 | Good day. l am recommending LIVE STREAMING JAMAICA as the company of choice for your weddings, funerals or any get together you would like to showcase to a number of viewers online, all at once. I was awaiting another team of individuals to do our Father’s Funeral Service and when I saw a sample of a thanksgiving service that LIVE STREAMING JAMAICA produced, I called them the same afternoon and told them that there was a possibility that they could be chosen to stream the service.

The team started to ask for photos of the deceased, his family and friends, as soon as we agreed to use them. They highlighted our Alma Mata, Manning’s School and the bank that past students and well-wishers could send funds to.

 We were able to view the pictures we uploaded days before the actual service. On the day of the service, the team was on time; they setup and were ready to stream long before the service commenced. They were very professional in the way they executed their responsibilities.

 Our guest book online was signed by friends in London, Florida, New Jersey and a cousin who we had forgotten about, sent her condolences from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. When individuals were performing, their names and relationship to the deceased were highlighted on screen. Many persons said it was a lovely service and it seems that those who viewed it were even more informed of the proceedings than many who were physically present.

After two months, we are still able to view the service in its entirety, including the graveside. People are still calling me to ask for Shaun and Veronica’s number. They are two of the leading team members of LIVE STREAMING JAMAICA. They can be contacted at the following number 876-599-9340

https://morris.livestreamingjamaica.com/ (URL used for ours Fathers Thanksgiving service)

  • Wendy
  • Mother's Funeral

16 May 2020 | When my mom passed away in April, I was distraught. This was compounded by the fact that I live abroad, and Jamaica had closed its borders due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. The reality of the situation was devastating. I had been praying that mom would not pass away during this time, but God was ready for her. My brother was willing to hold off on having her funeral until my family and I could make it to Jamaica. However, I knew my mom would not have wanted to be hanging on indefinitely, but would want to be laid to rest as soon as possible. We therefore decided to live stream the event so that my family and I, as well as other relatives and friends, could at least attend the funeral virtually. Once we started to explore this option, Shaun and Veronica at Live Streaming Jamaica came highly recommended.

From our first conversation, I found Shaun and Veronica to be very professional, detailed, and organized. They also seemed genuinely empathetic (they too had lost their moms) and understanding. Throughout the process of developing the (private) web page, I was kept informed each step of the way, and changes were made without complaint. To say they did an amazing job is truly an understatement. The design and features of the web page were more than I had imagined.

The morning of the funeral, my grief was palpable. I was still in disbelief that I really would not be in Jamaica for my mother’s funeral. However, from beginning to end, Shaun, Veronica and team, did an outstanding job of live streaming the event. It was an excellent production and seamlessly executed, capturing each poignant moment. After the funeral, so many people who had watched, called to say how impressed they were with the quality of the live streaming and the outstanding job done.

Shaun and Veronica, thank you and your amazing team for bringing “people together when it mattered most.” Your compassion, excellent customer service, flexibility and expertise, helped to make this sad occasion a memorable one. The high quality virtual experience you provided helped to ease the pain of not being physically present at mom’s funeral. Thanks ever so much again!

  • Alice & Mike
  • Wedding

At first we we're a little hesitant about the price, but their services turned out to be inexpensive in relation to the professionalism, quality, and service that they provided. I would recommend their services to anybody!

  • Jenna & Joe
  • Wedding

Veronica and her team at Live Streaming Jamaica are phenomenal! My mom and I were feeling so depressed at the notion of my grandparents not being able to attend my wedding and knew we needed to make sure they could watch the ceremony in real time. I was thrilled to meet Veronica and Tashana, who talked me through the whole process of how the live streaming worked and how even at a beachy location, our out of town family and friends would be able to see and hear the entire wedding ceremony clearly. Additionally, Veronica spent over an hour on the phone with my 90 year old grandfather a week before the wedding to do a test-run of how the live feed works so that he would feel at ease on the day. Hiring Live Streaming Jamaica was by far the best investment we made for the wedding. My grandparents and our friends loved it -- they told us it felt like they had front row seats! It was also so fun for my husband and I to watch the entire ceremony and cocktail hour a couple days later while on our honeymoon. Thank you so much!!! We are forever grateful that you and your team were part of our day!

  • HOA Residents Meeting

With many of our home owners residing abroad we decided to use Live Streaming Jamaica to stream our first residents meeting. Our overseas owners enjoyed being a part of the meeting. Thank you Live Streaming Jamaica, we will use you again.

  • Tyson Family
  • Funeral

Bless you Live Streaming Jamaica! Since many of our family live abroad and couldn't attend Grandma Lily's funeral service we hired Live Streaming Jamaica and you did an amazing job. Our entire family is so very thankful we used your services. Best of all it cost less than what we expected but the professionalism and quality was first class. I highly recommend Live Streaming Jamaica.